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SPECTRON mrc, LLC is an independently owned and operated local manufacturer of medical radiopharmaceuticals used for the diagnosis of cancer, myocardial assessment, brain function and flow as well as being a Pharmacy that specializes in the preparation of:

• Unit dose P.E.T. radiopharmaceuticals
➢ F-18 FDG (Fluorodeoxyglucose)
➢ N-13 NH3 ammonia
➢ F-18 NaF (Sodium Fluoride)

• Investigational P.E.T. radiopharmaceuticals
➢ F-18 FLT (Fluorothymidine)
➢ F-18 (F2) dopamine
➢ Choline and Methionine derivatives
➢ Special requests for research projects

We view ourselves as an extension of your operational staff and the physicians that are involved in providing patient care within our service area. That is why the foundation of our reputation is based upon the quality of our products, the reliability and responsiveness of our services and the excellent value of our:

"Total Service Attitude"


INVENTORY: of the most common PET radiopharmaceuticals. This allows for improved responsiveness to patient care from you, the health care provider.
HIGHEST PRODUCT QUALITY: all products are prepared and packaged with quality, safety, convenience of use and regulatory compliance in mind.
RELIABLE AVAILABILITY: from maintaining a fleet of delivery vehicles, and a diesel powered generator for power outages, to stocking a full complement of spare parts for the cyclotron and other production equipment, Spectron has been able to achieve one of the best cyclotron UP times in the industry.
PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT: Spectron employs nuclear pharmacists with over twenty years of experience, manufacturing engineers with extensive experience in equipment development and support along with experience in complying with FDA GMP guidelines in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and PhD radiochemists with industry experience in drug development.
PATIENT ORIENTED: all employees are from the surrounding community and have a deep commitment to their friends and family


➢ Reduced radiation exposure to personnel; helping your staff meet strict ALARA requirements.
➢ Option for radioactive waste return and disposal; saving valuable technologists time to spend with patients.
➢ Consultation on P.E.T. radiopharmaceuticals and radiation safety issues.
➢ Peace of mind that all products have met and usually exceeded strict CGMP requirements for sterility, pyrogenicity, radiochemical and radionuclidic purity.
➢ Option to call-in a dose for same day delivery allowing the acceptance of walk-in patients and ultimately improving patient care.
➢ Has been in the community over 20 years, supplying radiopharmaceuticals and 9 years supplying P.E.T radiopharmaceuticals.
➢ Was the first (1st) dedicated, privately owned and operated commercial P.E.T. radiopharmaceutical production facility in the state of Indiana
➢ Availability of a computerized management program that has been developed to take advantage of some of the newest technologies

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