About Spectron mrc

About Spectron mrc

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SPECTRON mrc, LLC is an independently owned and operated local manufacturer of medical Radiopharmaceuticals used for the diagnosis of cancer, myocardial assessment, brain function and flow as well as being a Pharmacy that specializes in the preparation of:

• Innovative Radioisotopes supply
n.c.a. Lutetium-177

• P.E.T. Radiopharmaceuticals
F-18 FDG (Fluorodeoxyglucose)
N-13 NH3 ammonia
F-18 NaF (Sodium Fluoride)

• Investigational P.E.T. Radiopharmaceuticals
F-18 FLT (Fluorothymidine)
F-18 (F2) dopamine
Choline and Methionine derivatives
Custom Radiopharmaceutical development

Our reputation is based upon the quality of our products, the reliability and responsiveness of our services and the excellent value of our:

"Total Service Attitude"

FDA Approved Facility for
Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution

• Contract Manufacturing Services
Dedicated FDA approved Cyclotron Facility
Custom cGMP Radiolabeling
Development of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
Chemistry and manufacturing support for Investigational New Drugs
FDA submissions
Nationwide supply for clinical and pre-clinical Radiopharmaceuticals

• Experience
Radiopharmaceutical Supply chain turn-key solutions
Regulatory Strategies
FDA Submission
Sales and Marketing of New Product launch
Medical Devices Development

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